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 01.12.1990 - 15-04-2004 


Owner: G.Spagnolo, Australia


A tribute to a Great Friend!

A Great dog himself and a wonderful producer of quality stocks, his puppies always have been a testament to all his breed qualities. Plush coats, thick tail and that beautiful head will always be present when look into a litter of his children. His legacy will lives on.

1st Spagnolo's CH DRIFTWAY DANCING BRAVE: " Big black dog of superb breed type combining quality with balance. Exceptionally good head, masculine yet in no way coarse or overdone, lovely expression and eye colour just right. Very clean outline with good hindquarters, this dog shows all the time and make the best of himself. I would have preferred better hind action and more undercoat, nevertheless he was of the type and quality which make it a pleasure to judge the breed" :-Mrs J. Pritchard (Charway, U.K.) May, 1994

2nd Spagnolo's CH DRIFTWAY DANCING BRAVE: "Bigger dog, with good balance of outline, just a shade strong in head for me, very nice forequarters, deep chest, fraction longer in back, moving soundly, feet could be tighter and more up in pasterns" :-Mrs C. Coode (Warringah, U.K.) May, 2000



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